Vermont Firewood Shed for Sale

Standard Features

Available Sizes
From 4′ x 8′ up to 8′ x 12′ and larger!
Trim Style:
Classic = Standard Metal
Colonial = 1″x4″ Miratec
Victorian = 1″x4″ Miratec

Two Vents
Classic = Gable
Colonial = Gable
Victorian = Victorian

Roof Overhang
Classic = 3″
Colonial = 6″
Victorian = 12″
Duratemp Siding
30 Year Architectural Shingles
Pressure Treated Floor System



Wood Shed Prices

# of  Cords Opening Classic Colonial Victorian
4×8 1 1/2 6′ n/a $1,878 n/a
6×8 2 6′ $2,352 $2,431 $2,462
8×8 2 1/2 6′ $2,651 $2,737 $2,790
8×10 3 8′ $3,083 $3,154 $3,249
8×12 4 8′ $3,440 $3,527 $3,635

For firewood storage larger than 8′ x 12′, please contact us for a detailed pricing quote.

Select Your Desired Firewood Shed or Cottage Size

Firewood sheds are great for a wood burning home or even an RV site, cabin, or camp. Owning a firewood shed allows you to keep your firewood dry, mold-free and ready to be burned in your wood stove, fireplace or fire-pit at any time.
Pressure treated floor, architectural shingles and miratec trim.

Cottage Shed Prices

Size Price
4’x 8′ $1,878
6′ x 8′ $2,272

Keep Your Wood Dry This Season

Our Firewood sheds are guaranteed to keep your firewood dry and ready to burn. Our firewood sheds are available in a variety of sizes so you can store a seasons worth, or more. This building would also make a great bus stop shelter to keep kids out of the rain, snow and wind while waiting. Available sizes: 6’x 8′ up to 8’x 12′ and larger. Give us a call if you’re looking for a specific design, feature or color to see what we have to offer you!


Wood Shed Add-On Options

Attaches to the end of any shed for additional storage options. Give us a call to learn more or see what we have in stock currently with the wood shed attachment.

Size Price
6′ x 42″ $1,029
8′ x 42″ $1,232


Hassle-Free Installation

Every Livingston Farm single-story shed includes free delivery and on-site installation, within 50 miles of Bristol, VT.





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