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Memorial Customization

At Livingston Farm, we can design, carve, letter, sandblast, and install our memorials to ensure your memorial is exactly how you want your loved one remembered. We maintain the highest level of quality and service at the most reasonable price. This is why we’re confident that you will find our craftsmanship, service, and reliability to be a superior experience. Create a beautiful and personal commemoration for your loved one.

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Memorial stone options are endless with our sandblast design library. The designs can be flat carved or shape carved for a deeper look. Add more dimension with polished, frosted or sunken features.


Text & Lettering

Memorial Customizations to your memorial stone can be done in many different sizes and types of lettering. Including your own design or phrases. A few samples are shown below



Etched drawings create a beautiful, finely detailed picture. We have a large library of etched drawings available to choose from or a personalized custom etching can be created from a picture you provide.


Hand Carving

A hand carving makes a beautiful impression on a memorial stone. Any design can be created.

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