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Our Garden Path Stones and Patio Stones come in a wide selection of shapes and sizes. These natural pieces come in colors from inviting blues and greys to subtle earth tones. These stones provide a great way to keep your feet clean and help protect your garden or path while bringing attention to key landscaping features. A stone path through your garden or across your lawn makes a beautiful accent to any landscape design. Garden Path Stones can unify design elements and can help to reduce maintenance inside and outside of your home.

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Garden Path Stone

Colonial Garden Path

This stone is ideal for capping Colonial walls or creating a rustic yet smooth path. Colonial Garden Path and Wall caps are a full color bluestone with irregular shapes but fairly symmetrical thickness. There are slight variations of colors ranging from grey, blue, brown and green.

Starting at
$360.00per pallet

Tumbled Bluestone Garden Path

Tumbled Garden stone is a bluestone that has a blue/grey color and is tumbled to create a smooth surface with rounded edges. With straight and irregular edges it has a rustic feel with a soft touch.

Starting at
$545.00per pallet

Natural Field Stone 2"-5"

Natural Field stones can be used as a rustic looking garden path. Natural Field stone is the classic stone you can find in the field or woods. Earth tones such as grey, browns and subtle reds with moss & lichen on some pieces.

Starting at
$375.00per pallet

South Bay Quartzite

This is a visually smooth, however heavily textured quartzitic sandstone with a blend of tan, antique white, ice blue, amber, and brown colors.

Starting at
$509.00per pallet

Saratoga Granite Blend Stone

This stone is a  medium- to coarse-grained weathered granite featuring blues and a mixture of green, black, pink, brown, burgundy, and white. Some of the speckling consists of red and black garnet inclusions and quartz crystals that can be seen throughout.$595/ per ton

Starting at
$595.00per pallet

Ticonderoga Blend

This stone includes an appealing mix of gray-blue, caramel, amber, blush, pale green, and deep shades of brown. This stone combines fine-grained and weathered granite. $649 per Ton!

Starting at
$649.00per pallet

Laurel Mountain Path Stone

Laurel Mountain garden path stones have a very unique color ranging from a light peach to a dark brown. It creates an inviting focal point to any garden or walkway. Buy at $450/pallet.

Starting at
$450.00per pallet

Chocolate Grey Path Stone

Chocolate Grey path stone is a velvety grey with soft brown shading throughout. Buy your stone for $575 per pallet today!

Starting at
$575.00per pallet

Dove Grey Path Stone

Dove Grey path stone is a soft, feathery grey stone  with brown shading. Order your Dove Grey stone for $545 per pallet now!

Starting at
$545.00per pallet

Emerald Grey Stone

Emerald Grey garden path stone has subtle grey-green tones with mica flecks throughout adding a subtle shimmer to this stone. Order for $545 per pallet now!

Starting at
$545.00per pallet

Mojave Path Stone

The face and edges of Mojave garden path stone feature many browns and grays with light to deep rust color overtones.Order now for $545 per pallet.

Starting at
$545.00per pallet

Mountain Mist Path Stone

Mountain Mist path stone is a blue-grey stone with brown tones and occasional streaks of rust and white. Order your pallet at $545 now!

Starting at
$545.00per pallet

Sandy Taupe Path Stone

Sandy Taupe garden stones are a soft beige to peach color with some whites variations.

Starting at
$875.00per pallet

Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose garden path stone has a light mauve tone with buff and blush accents.Order now at $865 per pallet.

Starting at
$865.00per pallet

St. Regis 2"-4"

St. Regis garden path stone is a light tan stone that is smooth to the touch and easy on the eyes. Order now at $665/pallet.

Starting at
$665.00per pallet

Hand Worked Stepping Stones

Hand worked stepping stones available in Desert Gold, Ocean Mist, Charcoal, Terracotta, Multicolor Slate, Grey Quartzite and Asia Blue Quartzite. 16"x1 1/4' $21 each

Starting at
$21.00per stone

Granite Stepping Stone

Granite Stepping Stones are a white-grey granite with gray-black speckles throughout. 16" round stones, 2.5" thick $32 per piece. 36 pieces with 2,868lbs per pallet

Starting at
$32.00per stone


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